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Las Vegas Video Marketing Using YouTube

Marketing using YouTubeEvery business in Las Vegas can benefit from video marketing using YouTube. Learn how YouTube marketing can also help your search engine rankings.

Before YouTube, before the Internet, only big corporations could afford to do anything video related to market their business. Now with inexpensive HD video cameras and a little creativity you can market your business with very little upfront costs.

Video is one of the hottest forms of marketing on the Web. No other media can produce the same type of emotions as video can. It also has a wide variety of uses. Have a new product to introduce? Create a product demonstration video. Do you sell a lot of products on your site? Show people how to use the products you sell. If you have offer a service here in Las Vegas, create a video of testimonials. This shows viewers real people saying how much they like your business. These are really just a few of the ways video can help your business.

Video Testimonials Example

This is how one of our clients made their testimonials video

OK so how is YouTube going to help market my business? Great question!!! First you need to understand how YouTube works. YouTube’s intent is to create community, this means participating by commenting on videos, Liking them and subscribing to other peoples’ channels, makes you part of the community.

Now the benefit to you is say one of your competitors produces a video that does well on YouTube, you can post a comment on their video which makes a link to your channel. People watch their video then can click to your channel and view yours. See how this works?

Video Search Engine Optimization or VSEO

I mentioned earlier that video marketing on YouTube can also help your site rank higher in search engines. So how does this work, it is simple, Google owns YouTube. I am sure you have seen when you search Google that some results are results of videos from YouTube.

Using basic SEO techniques you can help your videos rank well not only on YouTube but also in Google.

The key to this is titling your video and creating a description that will rank for the phrase you are targeting. You also need to add tags or keywords people might use to find your video. Let’s look at an example.

Let’s say you own a granite business here in Las Vegas. You created a video of you doing an install on a clients house. Now for the title it should be something like, “Las Vegas Granite Company Transforms a Kitchen”.

Here you have a geographic location in the title that narrows the focus of a person searching. Kind of hard to install granite for someone in Boston. You also included the type of work you do, “granite”, and most people buying granite are looking to upgrade their kitchen. See how easy this is?

Now the description should read, “Watch a Las Vegas Granite company transform a bland kitchen into a WOW kitchen. We at Your Granite Company can do the same thing for your Las Vegas kitchen or bathroom.” We have Las Vegas again, your company name, kitchen a couple of times, and just for good measure we throw in bathroom.

It’s time to add some tags to your video. These are keywords people would use to find your video. You want to list the most important ones first.

Our example tags would look like this, “Las Vegas, Granite, kitchen counter tops, bathroom counter tops, your company name”. You might even want to throw in a few like, “remodeling, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling”. These might be phrases someone would use to get ideas on what they should do with the Repo they just bought.

One thing I almost forgot was in the description of your video be sure to include a call to action, like get a free quote by visiting our website, When people view the video they will be able to click on the link you made in the description.

Now that you have the basics of video marketing using YouTube, grab a camera, jot down some notes and get shooting. After you produce your video, upload it to YouTube and look for similar videos you can make comments on.

Speaking of comments, don’t use that area to sell yourself, comment on how you liked the video, what you found interesting, things like that. If you include your sales pitch the video creator will just delete your comment.

When you are ready to upload, and you want a custom look for your YouTube channel we offer YouTube channel design. We can make your YouTube channel better match your website, contact us today.