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eCommerce Web Design Using K2mart for Joomla CMS

When we started designing eCommerce websites we always turned to dedicated eCommerce shopping carts like osCommerce. Now that the search engines place so much weight on text content, shopping cart software just couldn’t handle the content needed for a successful eCommerce website. Now we use Joomla, a tried and true content management system, and add a shopping component to it. See how using K2mart for Joomla can add eCommerce functionality to a great content site.

The first thing you might ask is what is K2mart? K2mart integrates Virtuemart (an eCommerce component for Joomla) and K2 (a content component for Joomla) allowing you the flexibility of the K2 taxonomy and templating options with Virtuemart’s cart and checkout functionality. Virtuemart by itself runs just like a normal eCommerce solution, but when combined with K2’s ability to handle content it is a win win situation.

Using Virtuemart by itself can be difficult for the average user with little or no experience in web design. K2mart simplifies the process of managing your online store so you can spend more time promoting your website instead of managing it.

Cross Promotion on K2 Item Pages

One of the best benefits to using K2mart is cross promoting your products on content pages you create in K2. Say you are writing a blog post about a new product you are releasing. Since the article is being written in K2, after you write your article you can add the product to that page and also control what parts of the shopping cart show up. K2mart takes one extra click out of the process of buying your products.

Templating Your Store

Generally you have to have a programming background to edit the templates of most eCommerce software packages. Virtuemart is no different even though it is integrated into the Joomla CMS, changing the design of your shopping pages is a bear. Using HTML and CSS K2mart allows you to override certain elements and completely customize the look and function of your store.

K2mart More Search Engine Friendly

When using Virtuemart for your store you are left with ugly urls to your products. Adding K2mart you will be using the Joomla framework to create search engine friendly urls. You also have the option of adding a SEF component like sh404SEF to make even better urls.

Speaking of adding K2mart, let’s suppose you already have a store built with Virtuemart. You certainly don’t want to enter in all your products again. That is where the developers did their homework. K2mart has a built in migrator that will migrate all your Virtuemart products and categories in one click. Every aspect of your Virtuemart shop will be migrated into the K2mart system.

So when you are looking for an eCommerce solution for your web store make your life easier, use K2mart for the Joomla CMS, take control of your content and your shopping cart.

Want to see K2mart in action? Check out their demo store.

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