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Mobilegeddon Is Your Las Vegas Website At Risk

On April 21, 2015 Google released a new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm, that is designed to give a boost in search rankings to websites that are mobile-friendly. If your Las Vegas website is not mobile friendly you could be at risk of losing valuable search engine rankings.

With so many people trying to find your business here in Las Vegas on their mobile device, it makes sense that Google would reward those that have gone the extra step to make their website more mobile friendly.

What Is Mobile Friendly Web Design?

We use what is called responsive web design techniques to build your website so that the layout changes depending on what screen size you are viewing the website on. You can see from the image above how the look of our website changes between the different devices, and we can do this for your website as well. Typically is calls for a complete redesign because there is no way to “magically” make a website responsive if it was not built that way from the start.

So if your are in Las Vegas and are looking for responsive web design, then contact us today for a free quote. It only takes a few minutes and could help your website keep its current search engine rankings as well as give your website boost on mobile search.