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Business Card Design Essentials

Let’’s face it business cards have to be one of the oldest, most profitable forms of advertising a business can do. Like any other advertising medium there is a right way and a wrong way to design your business card. Remember if this is the first impression people have about your business and you hand them a poorly designed card on white flimsy paper that you threw together on your computer, you better be a great sales person for them to overlook this.

Yes there are a lot of different software packages on the market that claim you can design your own business cards, select a template, add your contact info, then print. This might work for the Mom that is selling gift baskets in her spare time, but is this what you want to say about your business? Without a custom design for your card, how can you truly get your point across? Let’’s take a look at what goes into a highly effective high impact business card Check Out Your URL.

As you may know your business card should reflect your branding. This includes your logo and the design elements used to make your logo, like color and layout. Let’s take a look at a business card that incorporates all these elements.


This scaled down version may look fuzzy on some monitors

Here we have a card that is very striking, bold colors, attention grabbing features of the product, and a good balance of space.

The concept behind this design is to ensure customers know that this pest control product is safe for use around their kids. It uses the oil of orange peels to kill bugs. Looking at the design, can you see how this card says this? There is a cute little red haired girl staring at an orange, a picture of the product itself, and next to the logo text, the main point of the product is almost as large, “Finally a Non-Toxic Pest Control Solution”. With the use of contrasting colors the viewer’s eye is drawn to the girl and that statement.

Another important element of this business card design is the call to action. If you have a retail store you would want something like, “”Visit our store today””. Since this is an online store you can see in red bold letters, ““Order Online Today, …It’’s fast and easy””, and below that the web address where they can go to order.

These design elements might seem simple or obvious to you, but there are a number of business owners that just don’t see the impact that their business card design can have on its success. So let’’s recap:

  • Business card should reflect your branding and image
  • Bold design creates excitement about your product or service
  • Design layout and features tell the story of what you offer
  • Call to action your card says, “Now do something!”” Well, maybe not in those exact words

If you have been looking for an affordable solution for business card design and printing then visit our Business Card Design page for more information and pricing. Remember, your business depends on it.