eCommerce Design

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The best part about owning an eCommerce website is you can sell products while you sleep!

How your shopping cart is designed and configured plays a huge roll in your success.  eCommerce design allows you to sell your products and services online.

eCommerce Design Elements

Setting up an eCommerce website requires a few components to work, there is the design, shopping cart, payment processing module and shipping module.

  • eCommerce Design

We design our clients eCommerce websites with a sense of elegance when it comes to usability.  Graphic Web Design approaches each eCommerce design project with branding in mind, as well as the ease of use for consumers to purchase your products.

  • Shopping Cart

The shopping cart is where the magic happens!  All of your products are displayed on your website, along with their respective images and descriptions, along with the all important “Add to Cart” button.  We can even include product videos!  We implement the lastest developments in eCommerce software, utilizing either Joomla or WordPress as the foundation code for your website.

  • Shipping Module

Unless you only sell products for local pickup, deciding on a shipping module will factor into your eCommerce website project.  We include a shipping module that can calculate in real-time the cost of shipping your goods (based on weight) and charge your customers accordingly.  For real-time weight shipping, we can connect your website to USPS, UPS or FedEx.  Don’t have the weights of your products?  You also have the option of using a price-based or flat rate shipping module.

  • Payment Processing

Once your customers have gone through the checkout process, it is time for them to make payment.  We are able to implement a multitude of payment processing systems, however our clients typically use or PayPal as their preferred payment processing.  We offer you guidance on choosing the best solution for your project and go over the pros and cons of each.

There is a lot that goes into an eCommerce website and we take on each project with a focus and dedication to create professional, easy to use websites.  We study your products and your target audience  to create an effective website that turns visitors into shoppers.  Your success is our success!  Discover more by contacting us for a free quote today.