Passive Search Engine Marketing

Did you know Passive Search Engine Marketing exists? I’ll explain.

One of the key elements to search engine marketing is not only the quantity of inbound and outbound links, but the quality of those links. For example if you are marketing your website and have a link pointing to your site from a free clip art site, there is not much relevancy. If you have a link to your site from a site that is directly related to your site, then you will find that the quality is higher because it is a link coming from a related field.

The old way of doing this was very time consuming, find a site, send them an email requesting a link exchange, and maybe you heard from about 1% of the people you emailed. Who has time for that? Let me show you the smart way to get quality links to your site.

Introducing Passive Search Engine Marketing

Passive Search Engine Marketing is allowing others to post your link without you having to ask them. This sounds about as likely as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow right? Well it really is that easy.

The way this is done is through the writing of high quality content. Say you write an article about a subject related to your business, then you submit that article to free article directories. With every article you write you are allowed to have your author by-line at the bottom with a clickable link to your site. Are you seeing how this works?

Now I am a publisher, and I go to these free article directories looking for articles to publish on my site about a particular subject. I find your article and publish it on my site. Some time goes by, the search engines visit my site, find your article and at the bottom find the link to your site. Search engines love to find other sites this way. It follows your link to your site, and like magic you have a highly relevant link going to your site.

Imagine if 25 people published one article. All it cost you was the time to write it, and the time to submit it to the free article directories. That’s it!!!

Now of course with anything that is "passive" this is not going to happen over night. No it will take some time to see the results, but the results will be rewarding.