What Do I Need for a Website Redesign?

Today our business sees a lot of business owners needing a redesign of their current website. Years have pasted since their first design was built and some things get lost. This is a short guide to inform you what you need when you are considering a Website Redesign.

  • First you need to have the log in details where you registered your domain name. If you also plan on moving to a new web hosting company this will be important when you are ready to launch the new website. This is similar to when you move to a new house and have to fill out a change of address form for the post office. The same thing happens online, you will need to change the nameservers or DNS. This can only be done where you registered your domain name.
  • Original artwork is the next thing you will need. Even though you want your website redesigned you most likely don’t want your logo redesigned, so make sure you have a hi-resolution version of it so the new designer can use it for your redesign.
  • I am sure your business has changed since you first made your website so go through the current content and make any updates you see fit. This would also include new images if you have them.
  • Last would be patients. I know this sounds odd, but be patient with the redesign. Things have changed since you first built your website and because of the extra functions that can be built into your new website it takes time.

This short guide to getting your website redesigned should get you prepared for the process of creating the new "voice" of your company.