Las Vegas Logo Design: What You Should Know

How important is it for your next web design?

Most new Las Vegas business owners are busy trying to get everything in order to open their business, and usually that includes what is needed for their web design. That web design is going to hinge on one key element, Logo Design. Your logo design dictates your web design from color scheme to overall feel. Here is what you need to know about logo design and how it will help your next web design.

When you see a swoosh, you instantly know that is Nike. Large corporations spend thousands of dollars to create their logo or brand, and even though you might be a small Las Vegas business owner you can still achieve that level of branding for your company for a lot less.

Your logo is your brand. It tells people who you are and the overall feel of your business. With proper logo design people can still recognize your business even though they might have forgotten its name. This branding also needs to extend to the design elements of your web design. If the strongest color in your logo is red, your web design must not be teal green, it will look horrible.

What Are the Important Elements of Logo Design

First you need to look at the message you want to portray. Does your company build playground equipment, or does it build car parts? Each industry or type of business is going to need certain design elements to attract its target audience.

Using the play ground equipment idea, you logo should portray fun, with bright colors soft round fonts, these are the design tactics you should follow. If your target market is mostly female then you better not use a font like Times New Roman with a bunch of dark bold colors or women will not connect with your brand.

Logo Design Break Down

Since logo design is a very visual concept I thought it would be best to show you an example of logo design and break down the elements of the design to better show you what I mean.

Logo Design

This logo we designed is for a woman that is a Stylist, Writer, and Fitness Model. Now she has a varied audience with her different skills. Women will hire her as a Stylist, and since most of the fashion photographers are men, they would hire her for a shoot. We had to find a blend of the two target audiences that would appeal to women and not be too “girly” for men.

We started with her name Kim Miller since that is her brand, that is what she is selling, herself. We felt that needed to be very clear in the design. We couldn’t use a very scripted font for this so it could be read on all types of mediums from a small business card to possibly a billboard you might see while rushing off to work.

Then there is the “Style” part of her brand. This part of her logo needed what else…style, so we chose a very stylized script font for this part of her logo. The soft curvy lines definitely appeal to a female audience.

Now with the color scheme of a deep crimson red and a medium gray, our client wanted her logo to be very contemporary.

She wants her potential clients to know she is up-to-date. You hire Kim and she will make you up-to-date.

You can also see the balance of the design makes the eyes travel from left to right. Placing the baseline of Kim Miller higher up than Style causes you to see that part of the logo first, then travel to the right to read Style. We were also able to incorporate her core skills into the logo which helps define her skills to potential clients. You know what you are getting when you hire her.

Earlier I mentioned how your logo design will dictate your web design. The design elements of her logo caring nicely throughout her web design. Very open and contemporary and the use of the two main colors of the logo carry throughout the website.

So before you start your next web design project, you must work on your logo design first. This will save you time and money. Your logo’s design is the message of your company. Spend the time, spend the money to ensure your message is heard.

If you are starting a business here in Las Vegas and would like more information about our logo design services, contact us for a free quote. If you hire us for web design we include the logo design at no extra charge.