K2 by Joomla Works Makes Joomla Pop

Last week I Tweeted:

"If you use #Joomla and have not looked at using #K2 by @joomlaworks you are missing out. http://getk2.org/".

This got the attention of Joomla Works and they retweeted it to their followers, so I figured I would elaborate on my likings of K2 for Joomla.

We have been using Joomla since it was still Mambo, and one of the limitations has always been controlling the content, well K2 is here to save the day. Here is a quote from the K2 site:

“K2 brings the good parts from Drupal and WordPress into Joomla!”

K2 is a content component for Joomla. It allows you to not only make a more diverse Joomla site, but it really makes it easier for our clients to update their sites.

One of the limitations Joomla has always had was not being able to categorize content too deeply. You have sections, and inside sections you have categories…that is as far as you can go. K2 allows for nested categories so you can categorize your content without limits.

Joomla also allows you to add images in your content items (article or pages) but seems very limited based on the time this software has been in development. K2 allows you to add comments, tag your content, auto-resizable item images, add video and image galleries.

K2 also lets you create different types of sites. It allows you to easily create a blog style site without having to use WordPress. If you are building an eCommerce store and are using Virtue Mart for Joomla you can add K2 Mart and add more functionality to Virtue Mart.

If you love Joomla as much as we do, you owe it to yourself to give K2 a try. Also be sure to check out the K2 extensions at the Joomla! Extensions Directory to make K2 even better!!!