Get More Traffic To Your Las Vegas Business Website with Blogging For SEO

Are you looking for ways to get more traffic to your Las Vegas business website? The cheapest way to do this is to start blogging.

Blogging about your Las Vegas business helps inform your visitors about your company’s services or products and gives the search engines more keywords to feed off of.

You might say, "What Do I Write About?", that’s easy, think like your customers, what would they search for to find your Las Vegas business? The next statement is, "I Don’t Know How To Write", and really you don’t need to be a journalist to write about your business. Blogging is generally more conversational, than writing for a newspaper.

If you think you don’t know how to write, then think of your sales pitch, when you are telling a new client about your services or products. This is really easy if you offer a product on your site. Blog about how to use it, how it will help their lives, be descriptive and make sure you use the keywords you think someone would use to find that product.

To expand on this subject, say you write an article about a new brand or mop you are selling. If your blog post contains the name and brand name of that mop there is another doorway into your website. Remember the key to search engine optimization (SEO) is to have visitors come in to your website not just on the home page, but any page of your site. This is why blogging is so important for SEO.

When writing your blog posts be sure to include bullet points of benefits of your products or services. People like easily digestible content when reading blogs.

Solve problems your visitors might be looking for solutions to. If you can show someone how they can fix a problem they are having you just scored a new client/customer.

How Often Do I Need to Blog?

Ideally I would say 2-3 times a week. Search engines right now thrive on new updates on websites. If you follow this rule you can post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I know you are saying I don’t have time for that. Think about the time you spend doing other things in your business, think of blogging as a part of marketing, then make the time.

The least you should be doing is once a week.

How Does Blogging Help With My Rankings In The Search Engines?

As I mentioned before search engines like sites that are constantly being updated, it means your site is alive. Also writing content about a particular theme related to your business makes you look like an authority on the subject.

If your Las Vegas business website has 50 pages about widgets and your competitor has only 20 pages you will outrank them.

So if you are looking for ways to get more traffic to your Las Vegas business website, you owe it to yourself to start blogging. Blogging is the most effective way of optimizing your website for better rankings.