How to Create a Custom Facebook URL

Facebook is a great way to market your Las Vegas business, and what better way than with a custom Facebook page. Facebook allows you to create a custom fan page that you can add apps to, to truly customize your visitors experience.

OK so you made a Facebook page for your business, let’s call it Las Vegas Business for this example. You will notice after you create it that the url is ugly with a ton of numbers at the end. Well Facebook allows you to request a custom Facebook url for your page, but there is a hitch, you first have to get 25 people to "Like" it. OK shouldn’t be too hard, Facebook allows you to easily "Share" the page with your friends. After you get 25 people to like it, then you need to visit:

Once there you will see a drop down box where you can select your page you want the custom url for.

If your page does not have more than 25 people that have liked it when you select it you will get a message like this:

Your Page Name is not eligible for a username at this time. In the future, Your Page Name will be able to set a username.

That is all Facebook will tell you. Now how do you pick that name? Well for us we entered our keyword phrase we want to rank for, Las Vegas Web Design, so our fan page is So when you search Facebook we come up towards the top. So you should do the same thing, pick a keyword phrase that your Las Vegas business targets, for better results when someone searches.

***Important note, be 100% on your choice for your Custom Facebook URL because once you pick it, you are stuck!!! In order to get something new you would have to delete your Fan Page, get 25 people to Like it then request another url…what a hassle, so be sure what you choose is what you want.

So that is all you need to know about creating a custom Facebook URL, it is really that easy.

If you want to see an example of this visit us on Facebook