Website Redesign – Golf Las Vegas Now

We originally designed this website over 8 years ago, and it was built using the Joomla platform. Over that span of time the owner had written over 4000 pages. Now it was our job to convert all that content to work in the new WordPress site, and it was a giant task.

We also discussed updating the owner’s brand with a new design of his logo, and keeping with the “Las Vegas” theme we used design elements from the famous Las Vegas sign to create the logo you see here.

Now that so many people access the Web on their phones and other mobile devices it was important that the new website be mobile friendly and we achieved that using responsive design techniques.

This website gets a lot of its traffic from Google News and Bing News so it was important for us to ensure the stream of content was not interrupted with the new design, and after checking the log files it is confirmed that the feeds are still going to both news outlets.

Overall this was one of the largest redesign jobs we’ve done in the 15 years we’ve been in business, but we tackled this task and achieved our goal of producing a new modern design for our client without destroying his key traffic sources.

To see Golf Las Vegas Now in action click here.

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