Las Vegas Skydiving Website Redesign

We originally designed this website for Vegas Extreme Skydiving quite a few years ago and it was time for not only a new look, but all the new functions we can build into a website.

Originally their website was built using Joomla CMS. We decided to use Wordpress since it is a better platform now for CMS and easier for them to maintain. We created the new website using responsive design since most of their clients are here in Las Vegas on vacation and booking skydives on their phones.

Check out, Vegas Extreme Skydiving’s website in action here.

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Responsive Concrete Company WordPress Design – Ryerson Concrete

When we were contacted by Ryerson Concrete they had a website up that they built using a website builder. With the limitations it offered they just weren’t happy with their website.

We met with them to discuss their goals for the website and came up with a plan that not only included designing a responsive WordPress website for them but also included designing a new logo and business cards.

Now they have a website design that really makes their brand shine and is up to the standard of quality that represents their work here in Las Vegas.

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Responsive WordPress Theme Redesign – Vapor Cave

Our client came to us after having another Web Design company built their website. He was not happy with the end results so he asked us to design a new theme.

Along with the new theme we also had to fix the functionality of the website. It uses Woocommerce as the shopping cart and the previous designer did not set it up to make it easy for our client to make changes on his own. The structure of the pages and products needed to be changed to make the website flow better.

Take a look at the new design here.

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WordPress Web Design – Best in the Desert

Best in the Desert is an off-road racing organization that we’ve had a long relationship with. Originally we designed the site using the Joomla CMS back many years ago. We felt it was time for a redesign and WordPress was the logical choice.

This site had to really make BITD’s sponsors shine, so they are in a scroller right at the top of the content of every page. We also incorporated an easy to update Points Leader Table on the home page so racers could see where they stand during the race season.

With so many of the racers accessing the site from their phones since it is hard to use a laptop in the middle of the desert, the responsive design now makes the site much more usable when viewing it on a small screen like a phone.

To see the Best in the Desert site in action click here.

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Website Redesign – Golf Las Vegas Now

We originally designed this website over 8 years ago, and it was built using the Joomla platform. Over that span of time the owner had written over 4000 pages. Now it was our job to convert all that content to work in the new WordPress site, and it was a giant task.

We also discussed updating the owner’s brand with a new design of his logo, and keeping with the “Las Vegas” theme we used design elements from the famous Las Vegas sign to create the logo you see here.

Now that so many people access the Web on their phones and other mobile devices it was important that the new website be mobile friendly and we achieved that using responsive design techniques.

This website gets a lot of its traffic from Google News and Bing News so it was important for us to ensure the stream of content was not interrupted with the new design, and after checking the log files it is confirmed that the feeds are still going to both news outlets.

Overall this was one of the largest redesign jobs we’ve done in the 15 years we’ve been in business, but we tackled this task and achieved our goal of producing a new modern design for our client without destroying his key traffic sources.

To see Golf Las Vegas Now in action click here.

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World Series of Poker Window Graphics

We were contracted to created some artwork that needed to resemble a framed picture of the World Series of Poker’s Champions. Eventually these images were going to be printed and installed at one of their events.

We had certain dimensions to follow so that each Champion picture would look the same even though the window openings were different. Along with placing the Champion’s image in the frame we also created a small “plaque” for their description to go in.

I really like how these came out and more importantly so did the client.

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New Web Design – Bene-tone

We were contacted to design a website for a new company that is selling an amazing skin care product called bentonite clay. We were so impressed with this product we knew the design had to be top-notch.

To start this project we designed the logo, and labels for the product. Once the labels were approved we printed them for our client.

Next we built this eCommerce web site using WordPress, so that our clients could easily add new products as they needed to, and the design is fully responsive so it is mobile friendly.

We also incorporated a Mail Chimp newsletter subscription box and use the coupon code plug in so our client could create unique promotions.

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New Web Design – ABC Tooth Fairy

Our client decided to start a new business after working in the dental industry for a long time. She has a unique gift idea for children that are losing their baby teeth, and she needed a website to sell her gifts.

After our first meeting we went over some ideas for her logo which we designed. Then using the design elements of the logo we designed her website to match. We built her website using WordPress so she can add her own blog posts and more products as she develops them.

The website also uses responsive design so it is mobile friendly. Overall she is very happy with the results, and we are too.

To see ABC Tooth Fairy in action click here

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