Can My Site Benefit from a Re-Design?

Your site might have been a bundle of simple HTML pages. Updating a static HTML site can be difficult and very time consuming. If you have a ten page site and would like to Hockey add a new section to it, then you will need to update your navigation for the new section on all ten pages. You may decide one day that you want your link color to change. Again, it requires you to change it on every single page.

There are so many new advances in Web Design, like blogging for example. Blogging can be a section of your site that you use to show your Recent News on. A blog can be used to display reviews of your products you sell. these are just two examples of how technology has changed since your site was designed 3 years ago.

Content Management

So many people these days want the power to make simple changes to their site without having to hire out to get it done. Using content management software (CMS) makes this a breeze. The name describes its function, software that manages your content. Most CMS systems incorporate an administrative back-end that allows the site owner to make changes to their site just like they were using their favorite word processing software. CMS systems are dynamic, which means all the content for the site is stored in a database. This makes it very easy for your site to grow with your company. If you decide you want to add another section to your site it can be done simply by adding it into the back-end. Your navigation is updated to reflect your changes, and it did not need to be changed on every page of your site. Some people say, “I only need a 6 page site for my business”. Does this mean you are not looking for your business to grow? That seems unthinkable. Your site should grow equally to your business. Another benefit of content management software is its templating system. If you decide you want a new template or you might choose to re-brand your company with a new logo, using CMS all you need to do is edit one template, and it affects the entire site. CMS also uses linked Cascading Style Sheets to control things such as text color and size, font color and size and so much more. Again if you would like to change the color and size of your text, it is done in one file to affect the whole site. Are you able to see how technology has changed to make updating and maintaining a site a lot easier?


Another form of CMS is a shopping cart. It is geared to control your products, but works in the same fashion as a conventional CMS. Adding eCommerce to a site is easier than ever. If you have an exisiting site, a shopping cart can be added, and use your current template for your site to seamlessly integrate with your site. You will need a database for the shopping cart software to run because, it too, is dynamic (storing all the content in a database). You may even want to scrap your old site and develop the entire site inside the shopping cart. This is probably the best solution for you, so that you can reap all the benefits of having a dynamic site.

Are you still wondering if your site can use a re-design? The decision should be easy. Take your site to the next level, contact us today for a quote.