The Aviator Travel Jib Kickstarter Program

If you have shot video for any length of time you know the production value a good jib shot can bring to your work. If you are shooting in a remote location getting a jib to where you need it can be a hassle if not impossible.

What if you are on a budget like most film makers, most commercial jibs are far out of reach due to their high cost, why do you think there are so many DIY jib videos online? Well now there is no need to head to the workshop to build your jib, Nice Industries is answering the call of videographers and filmmakers everywhere with the Aviator Travel Jib.

Nice Industries has completed their R&D and are now ready to put it into production, but they need your help. That is why they started a Kickstarter program, so you can help fund the production of this innovative product.

What is The Aviator Travel Jib?

“The Aviator Travel Jib is an ultra light weight, compact camera jib (camera crane) that lets you get cinematic, sweeping camera moves anywhere in the world.”

After watching the video you can see Nice Industries did their homework, really understanding the needs of mobile filmmakers. I mostly shoot off-road racing and often times I have to hike long distances to get the shot, with the Aviator Travel Jib only weighing 3.75 pounds, I can easily see myself adding this to my camera pack, I wouldn’t even feel it.

By pledging to this project you will be able to get the Aviator Travel Jib at a greatly reduced price, pledge $399 or more and you will get one. That is a huge discount when you consider the jib will retail for $525. If you have deeper pockets you can pledge $799 or more and get the carbon fiber edition that is even lighter.

I really hope this project gets funded. At the time of writing this they are 45% of the way to their goal with 27 days left, so don’t wait, pledge today, even if you can only spare $25.

You can connect with them on Facebook or Follow them on Twitter. Check out the video below, seeing what you can do with this jib will make you want to reach for your wallet.