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Las Vegas Video Marketing Using YouTube

Marketing using YouTubeEvery business in Las Vegas can benefit from video marketing using YouTube. Learn how YouTube marketing can also help your search engine rankings.

Before YouTube, before the Internet, only big corporations could afford to do anything video related to market their business. Now with inexpensive HD video cameras and a little creativity you can market your business with very little upfront costs.

Video is one of the hottest forms of marketing on the Web. No other media can produce the same type of emotions as video can. It also has a wide variety of uses. Have a new product to introduce? Create a product demonstration video. Do you sell a lot of products on your site? Show people how to use the products you sell. If you have offer a service here in Las Vegas, create a video of testimonials. This shows viewers real people saying how much they like your business. These are really just a few of the ways video can help your business.

Video Testimonials Example

This is how one of our clients made their testimonials video

OK so how is YouTube going to help market my business? Great question!!! First you need to understand how YouTube works. YouTube’s intent is to create community, this means participating by commenting on videos, Liking them and subscribing to other peoples’ channels, makes you part of the community.

Now the benefit to you is say one of your competitors produces a video that does well on YouTube, you can post a comment on their video which makes a link to your channel. People watch their video then can click to your channel and view yours. See how this works?

Video Search Engine Optimization or VSEO

I mentioned earlier that video marketing on YouTube can also help your site rank higher in search engines. So how does this work, it is simple, Google owns YouTube. I am sure you have seen when you search Google that some results are results of videos from YouTube.

Using basic SEO techniques you can help your videos rank well not only on YouTube but also in Google.

The key to this is titling your video and creating a description that will rank for the phrase you are targeting. You also need to add tags or keywords people might use to find your video. Let’s look at an example.

Let’s say you own a granite business here in Las Vegas. You created a video of you doing an install on a clients house. Now for the title it should be something like, “Las Vegas Granite Company Transforms a Kitchen”.

Here you have a geographic location in the title that narrows the focus of a person searching. Kind of hard to install granite for someone in Boston. You also included the type of work you do, “granite”, and most people buying granite are looking to upgrade their kitchen. See how easy this is?

Now the description should read, “Watch a Las Vegas Granite company transform a bland kitchen into a WOW kitchen. We at Your Granite Company can do the same thing for your Las Vegas kitchen or bathroom.” We have Las Vegas again, your company name, kitchen a couple of times, and just for good measure we throw in bathroom.

It’s time to add some tags to your video. These are keywords people would use to find your video. You want to list the most important ones first.

Our example tags would look like this, “Las Vegas, Granite, kitchen counter tops, bathroom counter tops, your company name”. You might even want to throw in a few like, “remodeling, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling”. These might be phrases someone would use to get ideas on what they should do with the Repo they just bought.

One thing I almost forgot was in the description of your video be sure to include a call to action, like get a free quote by visiting our website, When people view the video they will be able to click on the link you made in the description.

Now that you have the basics of video marketing using YouTube, grab a camera, jot down some notes and get shooting. After you produce your video, upload it to YouTube and look for similar videos you can make comments on.

Speaking of comments, don’t use that area to sell yourself, comment on how you liked the video, what you found interesting, things like that. If you include your sales pitch the video creator will just delete your comment.

When you are ready to upload, and you want a custom look for your YouTube channel we offer YouTube channel design. We can make your YouTube channel better match your website, contact us today.

Get More Traffic To Your Las Vegas Business Website with Blogging For SEO

Are you looking for ways to get more traffic to your Las Vegas business website? The cheapest way to do this is to start blogging.

Blogging about your Las Vegas business helps inform your visitors about your company’s services or products and gives the search engines more keywords to feed off of.

You might say, "What Do I Write About?", that’s easy, think like your customers, what would they search for to find your Las Vegas business? The next statement is, "I Don’t Know How To Write", and really you don’t need to be a journalist to write about your business. Blogging is generally more conversational, than writing for a newspaper.

If you think you don’t know how to write, then think of your sales pitch, when you are telling a new client about your services or products. This is really easy if you offer a product on your site. Blog about how to use it, how it will help their lives, be descriptive and make sure you use the keywords you think someone would use to find that product.

To expand on this subject, say you write an article about a new brand or mop you are selling. If your blog post contains the name and brand name of that mop there is another doorway into your website. Remember the key to search engine optimization (SEO) is to have visitors come in to your website not just on the home page, but any page of your site. This is why blogging is so important for SEO.

When writing your blog posts be sure to include bullet points of benefits of your products or services. People like easily digestible content when reading blogs.

Solve problems your visitors might be looking for solutions to. If you can show someone how they can fix a problem they are having you just scored a new client/customer.

How Often Do I Need to Blog?

Ideally I would say 2-3 times a week. Search engines right now thrive on new updates on websites. If you follow this rule you can post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I know you are saying I don’t have time for that. Think about the time you spend doing other things in your business, think of blogging as a part of marketing, then make the time.

The least you should be doing is once a week.

How Does Blogging Help With My Rankings In The Search Engines?

As I mentioned before search engines like sites that are constantly being updated, it means your site is alive. Also writing content about a particular theme related to your business makes you look like an authority on the subject.

If your Las Vegas business website has 50 pages about widgets and your competitor has only 20 pages you will outrank them.

So if you are looking for ways to get more traffic to your Las Vegas business website, you owe it to yourself to start blogging. Blogging is the most effective way of optimizing your website for better rankings.

How to Create a Custom Facebook URL

Facebook is a great way to market your Las Vegas business, and what better way than with a custom Facebook page. Facebook allows you to create a custom fan page that you can add apps to, to truly customize your visitors experience.

OK so you made a Facebook page for your business, let’s call it Las Vegas Business for this example. You will notice after you create it that the url is ugly with a ton of numbers at the end. Well Facebook allows you to request a custom Facebook url for your page, but there is a hitch, you first have to get 25 people to "Like" it. OK shouldn’t be too hard, Facebook allows you to easily "Share" the page with your friends. After you get 25 people to like it, then you need to visit:

Once there you will see a drop down box where you can select your page you want the custom url for.

If your page does not have more than 25 people that have liked it when you select it you will get a message like this:

Your Page Name is not eligible for a username at this time. In the future, Your Page Name will be able to set a username.

That is all Facebook will tell you. Now how do you pick that name? Well for us we entered our keyword phrase we want to rank for, Las Vegas Web Design, so our fan page is So when you search Facebook we come up towards the top. So you should do the same thing, pick a keyword phrase that your Las Vegas business targets, for better results when someone searches.

***Important note, be 100% on your choice for your Custom Facebook URL because once you pick it, you are stuck!!! In order to get something new you would have to delete your Fan Page, get 25 people to Like it then request another url…what a hassle, so be sure what you choose is what you want.

So that is all you need to know about creating a custom Facebook URL, it is really that easy.

If you want to see an example of this visit us on Facebook

Starter Guide for Optimizing Your Website for Google

Many of our clients are very new to the Internet when they hire us. Yes they can read and write emails, see a funny video someone sent the link to them, and generally browse the Internet. Owning your own website there are things you must learn to make it successful.

After we build a website for one of our clients we explain to them what it takes to know get your site to rank well in the search engine results. It is hard sometimes to explain over 10 years of experience into an hour long conversation, so we suggest they take a look at Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.

This guide breaks down the terminology and phrases used in SEO and includes screenshots and examples to further drive home the common practices of optimizing ones site for better rankings.

You owe it to yourself to read this guide and see just how it can help your business.

Benefits of Hiring a Las Vegas Web Design Company

Being a Las Vegas Web Design company for over 10 years we have heard so many stories that start with, "I found this web design company online that started to build my website but…". Many times this statement went on to say, "and I could not stand having to do everything through email or chatting with them."

So if you have a Las Vegas based company and you want your website built, there are benefits to hiring a Las Vegas Web Design company. Here is a short list:

1. Meet the web design company developers face to face. Yes there are certain things that need to be done by email, but when you hand someone the kind of money it takes to build a modern website it is nice to see who you are dealing with. Face to face meetings also can raise your confidence in the company you hire.

2. Hiring a Las Vegas Web Design company can help you market your website.

If you hire a web design company that has never been to Las Vegas, how will they know the market which you are doing business in? Using a web design company that does business in your same location knows what to look for or what you should expect when they build your website. Every city has its own unique practices and Las Vegas is the epitome of unique.

3. A Las Vegas Web Design company works when you work. Yes you can hire a company that resides in England for example, which is about 8 hours ahead of our time zone. You have just finished your hard day at work then when you go home they are just starting their day. This creates a communication problem. We experienced this with a client of ours that was based in Las Vegas, and then moved to China. We had to schedule Skype meetings at 5pm Pacific and they had to get up around 7am there.

4. Supporting your local economy. We learned this practice from one of our clients when we met for the first time. I’m paraphrasing, they told us they could have hired a web design company that they were friends with in California but they like to support our local economy and keep the money here in Las Vegas.

With Las Vegas being one of the cities most affected by the turn down in the economy this makes perfect sense. Spend the money here, we have to pay taxes on that money, we can use the money to buy other items here in Las Vegas further stimulating the Las Vegas economy.

Ultimately the decision is up to you on which web design company you hire. This list might open your eyes to things you may not have thought of.

K2 by Joomla Works Makes Joomla Pop

Last week I Tweeted:

"If you use #Joomla and have not looked at using #K2 by @joomlaworks you are missing out.".

This got the attention of Joomla Works and they retweeted it to their followers, so I figured I would elaborate on my likings of K2 for Joomla.

We have been using Joomla since it was still Mambo, and one of the limitations has always been controlling the content, well K2 is here to save the day. Here is a quote from the K2 site:

“K2 brings the good parts from Drupal and WordPress into Joomla!”

K2 is a content component for Joomla. It allows you to not only make a more diverse Joomla site, but it really makes it easier for our clients to update their sites.

One of the limitations Joomla has always had was not being able to categorize content too deeply. You have sections, and inside sections you have categories…that is as far as you can go. K2 allows for nested categories so you can categorize your content without limits.

Joomla also allows you to add images in your content items (article or pages) but seems very limited based on the time this software has been in development. K2 allows you to add comments, tag your content, auto-resizable item images, add video and image galleries.

K2 also lets you create different types of sites. It allows you to easily create a blog style site without having to use WordPress. If you are building an eCommerce store and are using Virtue Mart for Joomla you can add K2 Mart and add more functionality to Virtue Mart.

If you love Joomla as much as we do, you owe it to yourself to give K2 a try. Also be sure to check out the K2 extensions at the Joomla! Extensions Directory to make K2 even better!!!

Canon 5D Mark III vs. Nikon D800 Hands on

The battle between Nikon and Canon has gone on almost as long as the battle between Ford And Chevy, but no one can argue that both Canon and Nikon listened to photographers with their follow up of the 5D Mark II and the D700.

It seems again the 5D Mark III wins out in the video category of DSLRs but the D800 showed better sharpness at higher ISOs, this seems in part to its larger sensor 36.3MP vs. 22.3MP. Take a look at this great hands on video done by Kai of DigitalRevTV (follow him at @digitalrev). What it boils down to is there really isn’t one that is overall better than the other, you pick which DSLR works best for your needs. My personal choice would be the Canon 5D Mark III, just because I split 50-50 between shooting stills and video with my DSLR.

What Do I Need for a Website Redesign?

Today our business sees a lot of business owners needing a redesign of their current website. Years have pasted since their first design was built and some things get lost. This is a short guide to inform you what you need when you are considering a Website Redesign.

  • First you need to have the log in details where you registered your domain name. If you also plan on moving to a new web hosting company this will be important when you are ready to launch the new website. This is similar to when you move to a new house and have to fill out a change of address form for the post office. The same thing happens online, you will need to change the nameservers or DNS. This can only be done where you registered your domain name.
  • Original artwork is the next thing you will need. Even though you want your website redesigned you most likely don’t want your logo redesigned, so make sure you have a hi-resolution version of it so the new designer can use it for your redesign.
  • I am sure your business has changed since you first made your website so go through the current content and make any updates you see fit. This would also include new images if you have them.
  • Last would be patients. I know this sounds odd, but be patient with the redesign. Things have changed since you first built your website and because of the extra functions that can be built into your new website it takes time.

This short guide to getting your website redesigned should get you prepared for the process of creating the new "voice" of your company.

What is Content Management Software?

Well Content Management Software is a fancy term for software that allows users without HTML knowledge to update their own website. OK there is more to it than that.

Basic websites are created with individual HTML pages. Using Content Management Software your site now becomes dynamic where all the data (read pages) is stored in a database separate from the design of the site.

So why would I want this? Good question!!! Along with being able to update the website without HTML knowledge, there is also a ton of functionality that can be added into it. I will elaborate on this later.

Another benefit is flexibility. If you have a normal 5 page website built using HTML pages and you add a new area of your business you would like to feature on your website, you will have to update the navigation on all 5 pages. Now this does not sound like a huge feat, but imagine if you had a 100 or 500 page website. Remember earlier I said the content and design are separate, well this means that adding a new area to your site is done in one place in the admin area no matter how large the site is. The other benefit is, say you want to rebrand your company, using Content Management Software again you change the design of the site in one place and it affects every page of the site.

So what about this functionality you mentioned. This part is almost limitless. Need to display a bunch of photos, we can add a gallery. Would you like to be able to have a resource directory on your site, that is possible too. How about adding a small gallery of images on a page or maybe even a video, that can also be done. Need a dynamic calendar for an events calendar on your site, this is another task that can be performed by a Content Management Software. Does your business need a custom contact form like our Quote Request Form? Using Content Management Software we can create a form with any number and variety of intake questions you need answered for your business. If your company has a lot of news worthy information you would like to post on a regular basis we can incorporate a blog component to make this task easy for you to do. The best part about all this functionality is you the website owner can make changes to any of these options without having to know HTML!!!

If I use this software will me site look like everyone elses? Not at all! Using Content Management Software we have complete control over how the site looks and functions. Just like every business is different so should every website. If you own a flower company you don’t want your site to look like a plumbing company’s site.

We have created a ton of sites using this Content Management Software, and each one has its own look and function. If this sounds like the right solution for your business website, then take a moment to contact us and get a free quote.