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The Aviator Travel Jib Kickstarter Program

If you have shot video for any length of time you know the production value a good jib shot can bring to your work. If you are shooting in a remote location getting a jib to where you need it can be a hassle if not impossible.

What if you are on a budget like most film makers, most commercial jibs are far out of reach due to their high cost, why do you think there are so many DIY jib videos online? Well now there is no need to head to the workshop to build your jib, Nice Industries is answering the call of videographers and filmmakers everywhere with the Aviator Travel Jib.

Nice Industries has completed their R&D and are now ready to put it into production, but they need your help. That is why they started a Kickstarter program, so you can help fund the production of this innovative product.

What is The Aviator Travel Jib?

“The Aviator Travel Jib is an ultra light weight, compact camera jib (camera crane) that lets you get cinematic, sweeping camera moves anywhere in the world.”

After watching the video you can see Nice Industries did their homework, really understanding the needs of mobile filmmakers. I mostly shoot off-road racing and often times I have to hike long distances to get the shot, with the Aviator Travel Jib only weighing 3.75 pounds, I can easily see myself adding this to my camera pack, I wouldn’t even feel it.

By pledging to this project you will be able to get the Aviator Travel Jib at a greatly reduced price, pledge $399 or more and you will get one. That is a huge discount when you consider the jib will retail for $525. If you have deeper pockets you can pledge $799 or more and get the carbon fiber edition that is even lighter.

I really hope this project gets funded. At the time of writing this they are 45% of the way to their goal with 27 days left, so don’t wait, pledge today, even if you can only spare $25.

You can connect with them on Facebook or Follow them on Twitter. Check out the video below, seeing what you can do with this jib will make you want to reach for your wallet.

Mobile Web Design: Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

Mobile browsers are getting better at reproducing your website as you see it on your Desktop or Laptop, but the small size of the display and the slower connection speed usually makes it hard to effectively view your normal website.

There are a lot of times when your website visitors will only have their phones to view it, so what do you do? This article on mobile web design will show you what you need to know about making your website more mobile friendly.

Here are screenshots of our website with the normal desktop view and our mobile version. Right away you can see a differences.

Desktop design on 7 inch tablet
Desktop version on 7in. tablet

Mobile design of Graphic Web Design
Mobile version on 7in. tablet

Let’s look at what needs to be done so your business does not loose its mobile visitors.

Along with the smaller displays of most mobile devices there are things that mobile browsers have trouble doing. Certain triggers on your website that happen when you place your mouse over it is difficult when you are using a touch screen like that of a phone or tablet (our drop down navigation is a good example of this). When you look at a “mobile” version of a website you will notice a very scaled down version of that site, it looks almost like an app instead of a website.

Thumb Friendly Navigation

When designing the mobile friendly version of your website you have to think how the mobile visitor will be access it. If you are visiting a website on your phone most of the time your phone is in one hand and you are navigating with just your thumb, so the navigation you use on your mobile design must be “thumb-friendly”.

Mobile Design Menu

You can see our mobile site uses navigation that only requires a single touch to visit that page. On the main buttons that do have drop-downs, you will see how you get to a new menu screen with the sub-navigation.

Scale Down Images for Mobile

Large pretty images look great on a big screen with a fast connection. Waiting for them download when you have a slow connection on your phone is painful, so your mobile design will need to either scales these images down or remove them completely. You might be saying, “without images my website will be boring and not convert”.

You are partly correct, images play a huge role in the conversion of visitors to buyers but when a person is viewing the mobile version of your site they expect it. Waiting for your page to load is more detrimental to the mobile visitor.

At this point you are seeing we need to scale your website down to just the meat & potatoes, just the raw content that makes up the site. text loads fast no matter what kind of connection you have. Having a mobile site also means your copy must be spot on. Without images to tell the story, your copy is what will convert that visitor to a buyer, so make sure what you say is just as important as what your images say.

Think about if you own a restaurant, someone just got done seeing a movie and they are hungry, they only have their phone to find a place to eat. They search and find your restaurant. They want to know what you serve and where you are located. They don’t care about how fancy your food looks at that moment.  This is why you need mobile web design.

Responsive Web Design

Another phrase you might be seeing that is tied to mobile web design is “Responsive Web Design”. Wikipedia defines it as:

Responsive Web Design (RWD) essentially indicates that a web site is crafted to use Cascading Style Sheets 3 media queries, an extension of the @media rule, with fluid proportion-based grids, to adapt the layout to the viewing environment, and probably also use flexible images. As a result, users across a broad range of devices and browsers will have access to a single source of content, laid out so as to be easy to read and navigate with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling.

Basically this means to have a responsive design you have to make it easy for it to be viewed on a desktop, laptop, tablet, phone or whatever device you use to view the Internet. Accessibility is the name of the game these days.

When you are in the market for web design for your business, make sure to ask about a mobile version of the design as well. Not having one could be costing you money, a lot more than paying what it costs for a mobile version of your website.

Las Vegas Logo Design: What You Should Know

How important is it for your next web design?

Most new Las Vegas business owners are busy trying to get everything in order to open their business, and usually that includes what is needed for their web design. That web design is going to hinge on one key element, Logo Design. Your logo design dictates your web design from color scheme to overall feel. Here is what you need to know about logo design and how it will help your next web design.

When you see a swoosh, you instantly know that is Nike. Large corporations spend thousands of dollars to create their logo or brand, and even though you might be a small Las Vegas business owner you can still achieve that level of branding for your company for a lot less.

Your logo is your brand. It tells people who you are and the overall feel of your business. With proper logo design people can still recognize your business even though they might have forgotten its name. This branding also needs to extend to the design elements of your web design. If the strongest color in your logo is red, your web design must not be teal green, it will look horrible.

What Are the Important Elements of Logo Design

First you need to look at the message you want to portray. Does your company build playground equipment, or does it build car parts? Each industry or type of business is going to need certain design elements to attract its target audience.

Using the play ground equipment idea, you logo should portray fun, with bright colors soft round fonts, these are the design tactics you should follow. If your target market is mostly female then you better not use a font like Times New Roman with a bunch of dark bold colors or women will not connect with your brand.

Logo Design Break Down

Since logo design is a very visual concept I thought it would be best to show you an example of logo design and break down the elements of the design to better show you what I mean.

Logo Design

This logo we designed is for a woman that is a Stylist, Writer, and Fitness Model. Now she has a varied audience with her different skills. Women will hire her as a Stylist, and since most of the fashion photographers are men, they would hire her for a shoot. We had to find a blend of the two target audiences that would appeal to women and not be too “girly” for men.

We started with her name Kim Miller since that is her brand, that is what she is selling, herself. We felt that needed to be very clear in the design. We couldn’t use a very scripted font for this so it could be read on all types of mediums from a small business card to possibly a billboard you might see while rushing off to work.

Then there is the “Style” part of her brand. This part of her logo needed what else…style, so we chose a very stylized script font for this part of her logo. The soft curvy lines definitely appeal to a female audience.

Now with the color scheme of a deep crimson red and a medium gray, our client wanted her logo to be very contemporary.

She wants her potential clients to know she is up-to-date. You hire Kim and she will make you up-to-date.

You can also see the balance of the design makes the eyes travel from left to right. Placing the baseline of Kim Miller higher up than Style causes you to see that part of the logo first, then travel to the right to read Style. We were also able to incorporate her core skills into the logo which helps define her skills to potential clients. You know what you are getting when you hire her.

Earlier I mentioned how your logo design will dictate your web design. The design elements of her logo caring nicely throughout her web design. Very open and contemporary and the use of the two main colors of the logo carry throughout the website.

So before you start your next web design project, you must work on your logo design first. This will save you time and money. Your logo’s design is the message of your company. Spend the time, spend the money to ensure your message is heard.

If you are starting a business here in Las Vegas and would like more information about our logo design services, contact us for a free quote. If you hire us for web design we include the logo design at no extra charge.

Fullscreen Photography WordPress Themes

WordPress theme design has been taken to a new level. With so many designers looking to one-up the others, they are pushing the envelope of design to create some impressive themes. We put together this list of fullscreen photography WordPress themes to show you just how impressive they can be. Most will feature a fullscreen background slideshow and some even allow you to have a fullscreen video playing. These designers have also thought of someone viewing them on mobile devices and enhanced them with HTML5 and CSS3.

Right Now WP Full Video, Image with Audio

Right Now WP Full Video, Image with Audio

An impressive fullscreen theme that allows you to have a fullscreen background slideshow and video background.

Special features

  • Enhanced with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Maximum audio control with Advanced Playlist
  • Ajax Load function with Next and Previous feature
  • Fresh looking Scroll Bar
  • With “No more Modal Window”, you can surf amongst the visual contents
  • “Draw the screen” makes navigating easier with sensible mouse movements
  • Optimized features for IPhone, Ipad and Android devices
  • Portfolio filter
  • Deeplink Support
  • 4 columns design options
  • Valid HTML
  • 489+ Google fonts
  • Contact form validation
  • Google map
  • Button and special elements support
  • Share Icons
  • PSD files
  • Video help documents

See it in action

Slash WP – Modern & Unique Photography WordPress Theme

Slash WP – Modern & Unique Photography WordPress Theme

A modern design created for you to use as a portfolio, photo-gallery and blog.

Special features

  • Fullscreen slideshow & video
  • Masonry layout
  • Sortable portfolio & photo gallery
  • Blog with 3 post formats, and 8 custom widgets.
  • Documentation, FAQs and support available

See it in action

Rhea For Photography Creative Portfolio

Rhea For Photography Creative Portfolio

Rhea is the Premium Photography, Portfolio, Personal website Template built with latest WordPress features. Custom Post Type, Unlimited Colors and Image Uploader.

Special features

  • 4 Homepage Styles
  • Full Screen slideshow for Photo Gallery
  • Music support for homepage slideshow
  • 10 Page Templates
  • 7 Gallery Page Templates
  • Password Protected Gallery Support
  • Extensive galleries admin. Support multiple images upload
  • Password protected gallery support
  • Portfolio content support videos, images or external link
  • Social media Profiles Support
  • 7 Custom Widgets
    • Recent Posts
    • Popular Posts
    • Twitter feed
    • Contact Form
    • Youtube Video
    • Vimeo Video
    • Flickr photostream
  • Styled typography and flexible page columns
  • Built-in Many Shortcodes
  • Style shortcodes ex. dropcap etc.
  • Column shortcodes ex. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 columns
  • Built-in Shortcode Generator plugin
  • Custom Post Type support for Portfolios
  • WordPress custom menu support
  • Blog page single post and comments
  • Facebook and Twitter integration
  • Unlimited sidebar. Create and select sidebar for each of your page!
  • Contact us page with validation and ready to use PHP mailer
  • Unobtrusive jQuery powered effects
  • Valid HTML standard

See it in action

Photox – Creative Photography Theme

Photox - Creative Photography Theme

Photox is a modern, creative photography theme with a full screen background slideshow. This theme has been SEO optimized from the ground up. Headings (H1,H2, H3…) have been carefully arranged to give maximum SEO benefits on the homepage, posts and pages.

Special features

  • Unbranded Admin Panel
  • Blog Posts Support: Images/Gallery/Video & Audio
  • Portfolio Posts Support: Images/Gallery
  • 3 Portfolio Layouts: 2 Columns, 3 Columns, 3 Columns (With Filter)
  • Easy Customization
    • 29 Header Textures
    • 6 Background Image Overlays
    • Utilizes Google Fonts for a vast array of available fonts
    • & Many options for customizing the theme
  • Full Localization Support (contains .po/.mo files)
  • Awesome Form Builder
  • Loads of Shortcode (Flexible Columns, Typography, Dividers, Notifications, Toggles, Listing Styles, Buttons, ) – Plus add shortcodes directly from the editor
  • Well Documented
  • Multi level Dropdown Menu
  • jQuery Powered Effects
  • Valid HTML5 & CSS3

See it in action

Chocolate WP – Photography WordPress Theme

Chocolate WP – Photography WordPress Theme

An elegant template with complex and precise combination of light gradients and shadows. It was created to serve you as a unique showcase of your works with strong blogging component powered by Woo Tumblog

Special features

  • Outstanding fullwidth showcase-style slider for Homepage
  • Absolutely unique 2-level Gallery (Albums -> Photos)
  • Powered by highslide JS
  • Masonry-style fluid layout
  • Tumblr-like post types
  • 3 post sizes (S, M, L)
  • Background builder (to customize your theme appearance in a couple of clicks)
  • Set of custom Widgets (like Recent Photos, Post-type Filter, Feedback and so on)
  • All necessary shortcodes
  • Documentation, FAQs and support available

See it in action

So if you are a photographer or really into any creative field these fullscreen WordPress themes can help you get your portfolio up in no time.

eCommerce Web Design Using K2mart for Joomla CMS

When we started designing eCommerce websites we always turned to dedicated eCommerce shopping carts like osCommerce. Now that the search engines place so much weight on text content, shopping cart software just couldn’t handle the content needed for a successful eCommerce website. Now we use Joomla, a tried and true content management system, and add a shopping component to it. See how using K2mart for Joomla can add eCommerce functionality to a great content site.

The first thing you might ask is what is K2mart? K2mart integrates Virtuemart (an eCommerce component for Joomla) and K2 (a content component for Joomla) allowing you the flexibility of the K2 taxonomy and templating options with Virtuemart’s cart and checkout functionality. Virtuemart by itself runs just like a normal eCommerce solution, but when combined with K2’s ability to handle content it is a win win situation.

Using Virtuemart by itself can be difficult for the average user with little or no experience in web design. K2mart simplifies the process of managing your online store so you can spend more time promoting your website instead of managing it.

Cross Promotion on K2 Item Pages

One of the best benefits to using K2mart is cross promoting your products on content pages you create in K2. Say you are writing a blog post about a new product you are releasing. Since the article is being written in K2, after you write your article you can add the product to that page and also control what parts of the shopping cart show up. K2mart takes one extra click out of the process of buying your products.

Templating Your Store

Generally you have to have a programming background to edit the templates of most eCommerce software packages. Virtuemart is no different even though it is integrated into the Joomla CMS, changing the design of your shopping pages is a bear. Using HTML and CSS K2mart allows you to override certain elements and completely customize the look and function of your store.

K2mart More Search Engine Friendly

When using Virtuemart for your store you are left with ugly urls to your products. Adding K2mart you will be using the Joomla framework to create search engine friendly urls. You also have the option of adding a SEF component like sh404SEF to make even better urls.

Speaking of adding K2mart, let’s suppose you already have a store built with Virtuemart. You certainly don’t want to enter in all your products again. That is where the developers did their homework. K2mart has a built in migrator that will migrate all your Virtuemart products and categories in one click. Every aspect of your Virtuemart shop will be migrated into the K2mart system.

So when you are looking for an eCommerce solution for your web store make your life easier, use K2mart for the Joomla CMS, take control of your content and your shopping cart.

Want to see K2mart in action? Check out their demo store.

Graphic Web Design can help you with all your eCommerce web design needs. Contact us for a free quote.

Copyscape Plagiarism Checker

I came across this great tool from another blog and decided to see if anyone was stealing our content, and low and behold I found a company in Florida that took my design, changed a few colors and called it their own.

They even stole our promotion we offer our web design clients. As if stealing wasn’t bad enough my concern is search engines flagging our site for duplicate content. I hope the search spiders are smart enough to know who was first.

Stealing content online happens all the time a simple click and drag of the mouse is all it takes. Check out Copyscape to see if anyone is stealing your web design or content.

What Does Your Website Say About Your Business?

After being in business for almost 12 years, we have learned a few things about Web Design (small pun). When we get a call or a quote request and the first thing said or written is “I want a small simple site”, I know this person does not know the value of their website.

In the Web Design and Graphic Design business we are constantly having to justify the costs for our work since the things we create are not tangible. Our clients are not able to see all the work and knowledge required to build a top quality website.

When a person says they just want a 1 page website, my first question to them is, “what are your offline marketing plans for your business, because a 1 page website will not get much search engine traffic?” For some they are thrown off by this remark, and give me a look of question, almost like I insulted them. I do this sometimes to verbally shake the person so they will better understand my explanation to come.

Google or any search engine’s job is to index content so people can search it. With the millions of websites online, why would a search engine waste its time with a 1 page website? It obviously can’t be that important if there is only 1 page dedicated to that subject, so yes the search engine will index that 1 page but you will not have someone find it unless they type in your company name directly.

If you were looking to have a storefront built for your business, and you were getting a bid from a contractor to do the work and said to them, I just want a small simple building, you might get a box with 4 walls and a roof.

That is how you must think about your website. For most, this is there first impression of your business. It is the job of your website to convey the true value of your business.

Is this starting to make more sense?

Do you want new potential clients to see a 1 page website, is 1 page enough to tell the story about your company? Whether you are a new company or you have been around for years, there is no way 1 page of text can tell the whole story about what you have to offer them.

Building a quality website requires a balance between being easy to read, and not writing a novel for each page of your website. If you offer a lot of different services, like we offer Web Design, Graphic Design, Web Hosting, and Printing, don’t try and make all that fit on one page, dedicate one page for each service. This has 2 benefits, the first is, it is easier to read, secondly a dedicated page to each service will help it rank higher in search engine results for that service.

Ok so you have your services on dedicated pages, now it is time to really show your potential new clients you know what you are talking about. Let’s face it when someone visits your website they don’t know you from Adam, so what can you do on your website to show you know your business?…that’s easy, you need to Blog. I know ugh, I am a plumber, not a writer, or I am a landscaper, why do I need to write? Again this is an easy question to answer, if you write articles on your website you are showing people you know your business inside and out.

Say someone is looking online for an easy way to clean the drain in their shower, and on your plumbing service site you write a blog post, about using common household items to remove hair clogging a shower drain, you have accomplished 2 things. You have passed along a small part of your experience which makes that person see you in a new light, they say to themselves, this person really knows about plumbing. Believe it or not, you have also taking a tiny leap into search engine marketing.

The key to search engine marketing is to not only have a search engine drive traffic to your home page but every page of your site. Writing blog posts on certain subjects in your field creates more entry points to your website. Maybe your next post is about fixing a leaking faucet, someone searching for this finds your post, and again, there is another potential client.

I know you are probably saying, well why would I want to give away all my secrets? I put the time and work in to learn this. I am not saying you give away all your knowledge, you write to show you know your business, and just because you tell someone how to do something doesn’t always mean they can do your job.

I can build just about anything out of wood. I have also been around people that can weld. I have watched them and I understand what needs to be done but I still can not weld.

I could write an article about how to use Photoshop to design a business card, it doesn’t mean everyone can do it.

Ok so what have we learned so far? Your website is the first thing people see about your company, you have your services on their own pages and you have a bunch of quality blog posts, that tells your visitors you know your stuff. Now can you see how there is no value in a simple small website?

Having a well constructed website also has the same effect, as the difference between a person having the high school diploma and someone that just got their GED. Having a diploma shows people you can commit to something and complete it. Having a strong web presence adds strength to your brand, it tells people you put the leg work in because you care about your brand.

Some small websites give people an uneasy feeling like you might be a fly-by-night company. You know you have been in business for the past 15 years but a tiny site doesn’t say that.

Now your next thought might be, “oh you are telling me to build a bigger site so you can charge me more”, and you couldn’t be farther from the truth.

I write this just like the blog posts I mentioned earlier. I am sharing my 12 years of experience with you on how to create a successful website, and just like you, I want to produce quality work. The success of your website is the success of my company. If I build a site that doesn’t produce, you tell your friends, that they shouldn’t use us to build their website because the one we built for you didn’t get you any new business. I would much rather build a site that doubles your business, and you tell your friends, if you need a website you have to contact Graphic Web Design!!! Our only goal is to help your business grow.

What is Social Media?

I just had a flower shop here in Las Vegas follow us, and wondered why? I looked and they had one Tweet, one Follower, and were following over 700 people. It is clear they need a lesson in Social Media. This article will show you what social media is.

The idea behind any social media site be it Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, is to be a part of a community. Most people that blindly start marketing their business with social media tend to make unrepairable mistakes.

Using the example above, let’s look at their mistake. Ok so maybe they thought let’s follow everyone in Las Vegas and maybe that will get us more followers. Sounds good in theory but it goes against everything in social media. It is right there in the name, "be social". You need to be part of the conversation, and following people that really have no interest in your business is a waste of time.

When you look to follow people on Twitter or Like them on Facebook, you have to be able add to the conversation. Simply spouting out special offers from your business is not part of the conversation.

When I look for someone to follow on Twitter I first look at how many Tweets they have posted. Then I look at what they Tweet. Do they Tweet quality content? Do they Tweet about content they wrote, or do the simply Retweet other people’s content? I then look at their website, this also tells me if this person is worth following.

If someone has a ton of followers and is following a ton of people but only has a few tweets, why would you want to follow them? They are not saying anything.

After I make the decision to follow someone I click the Follow button, then I take a look at the suggestions made by Twitter, and do the same thing all over again.

When you follow people that have similar interests you are bound to have them follow you back. These are also the people that will truly listen to what you have to say.

This is the idea behind social media. Don’t be over anxious, look for people that will hear you.

Again think about the example above. If you used that thought process when you went to a party, and you tried talking to people that do not have similar interests to you, how uncomfortable would that be?

So start with quality content, then look for people with similar ideas to follow, and be a part of the conversation. If you find something interesting that some else Tweets, retweet it, @mention them, and see how your followers will grow.

Las Vegas Business Marketing Using QR Codes

Las Vegas Business Marketing Using QR CodesYou might have seen these weird graphics while reading a magazine, and wondered what they are? I am going to show you how to make them, so you can market your business with QR Codes.

First off what is a QR Code, it is a 2D bar code that most smart phones can scan and be directed to do something. When I say scan I mean that smart phone must have a QR Code reader app installed and you use your phone’s camera to take a picture of it then the app decodes it for you.

With QR Codes you can point someone to a web address, display text, show a phone number, or send a text message.

So how would you use QR Codes to market your business? Let’s look at an example.

A current promotion we are running is you receive a free set of 1000 single-sided business cards with every new site we design, and we would like to advertise this in a local business magazine.

Because of the limitations of print media, obviously you can not go from the magazine print to the web page we would like to direct people so we make a QR Code like the one below. When someone scans this code it directs them to our Web Design quote form where they see the offer at the top of the page. So our quarter page ad could look like this:

This a just a quick example I threw together for this article. You can get quite creative in how you use QR Codes. If you have a QR Code in your phone try this out to see what happens. I use Google Goggles on my phone.

Another way to use QR Codes is to print one out and post it in your Las Vegas store. Let’s say you own a restaurant here in Las Vegas and you want to get more fans to Like you on Facebook so they can get special offers from your restaurant. You can make a flyer like this:

Scan This Code With Your Smartphone to Like Us on Facebook.

Be the first to get our specials and discounts

Say you do a postcard mailer, using a QR Code is a great way to get an instant call to action. Someone sees your offer on the postcard and can instantly act on it.

How To Generate a QR Code

If you search for QR Code Generator you will see a lot of services available. We use It is really easy to use. First you choose what kind of QR Code you want to generate.

Then you enter the URL you want to direct people to if this is how you want to use it.

Select the size of the code. If you are using this for print choose the XL version.

After you generate the code you see the page like this.

Now you can save this image to your computer or copy it to place in whatever you choose like the flyer we discussed. It really is that simple.

There are so many ways to use QR Codes to market your Las Vegas business. Your creativity is your only limit.

Learn Why I Won’t Follow You On Twitter

Learn how to get people to follow your Las Vegas business on Twitter. I will show you why some businesses get followed and some don’t.

Before social media sites like Twitter and Facebook I would add RSS feeds to my iGoogle page to keep up to date on what’s happening in my industry, web design. I would seek out knowledgeable people to see what I could learn from them, and then translate that knowledge into my own business.

Now there is a faster more efficient way for me to get information I am looking for, it is a little site called Twitter.

I personally like using Twitter better for my business as it seems to attract a more “Tech” related audience. Facebook in my opinion seems to work better for businesses that want to attract a more general audience, like restaurants, and other retail businesses.

Using Twitter I get my information in short bursts where I can browse chronologically, and choose whether I would like to read more on that subject.

Now every morning I get my phone and open TweetDeck (one of the best tools for reading your social media info) and I see what is happening in the world.

I am not the only person that uses social media sites in this fashion. Most people want to find information that can help them and their business. So why is this so important to you? That is a good question.

There are a lot of people on Twitter that automatically follow anyone that follows them. This may work most of the time, but there are times when it merely clouds up the social sphere and causes you to wade through useless posts trying to find good information.

I feel strongly about this. When someone follows me I look at their profile. How many followers do they have? How often do they tweet? What do they tweet about? I look at all these things before I choose to click the “Follow” button. Why would I want to follow someone that their last tweet was over 6 months ago?

The mistake most people make when they start a Twitter account is, “If I follow a lot of people they will all follow me back”. In this case quantity does not win over quality.

If you sell custom pet supplies, and you follow a smoke shop, for whatever reason, why would that smoke shop owner follow you back? The only reason I see is if they are also a pet lover.

OK so now that your focus is on quality followers, how do you get them to follow you?…that’s easy, provide knowledge.

Look you are the expert in your field, that is why you felt confident enough to open your own business. Sharing your knowledge and experience is one of the best things you can do for online marketing. I know your first statement is, “why would I want to give away my secrets?”

There are a number of reasons. First to your potential customers/clients you look like an authority. This for some is their first impression of you and your company. Blogging and Tweeting your knowledge has the potential to help you rank higher in the search engines for topics you target. If you sell health insurance and you write an article about choosing the right insurance company, you might get someone looking for that exact phrase in the search engines.

Most importantly sharing your knowledge has the potential to be shared by others that read it. This last statement is the key to growing your business.

If a person reads something you wrote, and they say, “you know this would help my social sphere”, they are bound to share your knowledge with their followers. See how sharing your knowledge can turn viral?

Remember the Internet was first created to share information. Why would phrases like, “go Google it” be a part of pop culture if this were not the case?

So start writing, then share it on Twitter and see how many more quality people you get to follow you. You might even like this article enough to share it with your friends…see how this works?