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Question: Should I build and maintain my own business website or pay someone else to do it?


When you say, “pay someone”, who are you talking about? Are you saying the kid next door that is good with computers, or are you referring to a professional Web Design Company?

Did you know Passive Search Engine Marketing exists? I'll explain.

One of the key elements to search engine marketing is not only the quantity of inbound and outbound links, but the quality of those links. For example if you are marketing your website and have a link pointing to your site from a free clip art site, there is not much relevancy. If you have a link to your site from a site that is directly related to your site, then you will find that the quality is higher because it is a link coming from a related field.

Let’s face it just about every business has a website. Most business owners probably had their website built for them in 2000 or maybe earlier. It has been five years and I’ll bet those websites have not changed since they were launched.

Since the dawn of Web Design fancy buttons that change when you place your mouse over them has wowed visitors for years. The problem that arises from creating this type of action is you needed to use JavaScript to create this. Yes you can find this JavaScript on various JavaScript directory sites; the problem has always been that mouse-over buttons are not search engine friendly. Is it possible to have fancy buttons, and keep them search engine friendly?

Have you heard the term; “You only have one chance to make a first impression”? It seems to hold true for your website too.

There has been a lot of talk about “Authority Sites” in regards to search engine marketing. OK, so what does this mean…and why are Authority Sites ranking so high in the search engine results pages (serps)?

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