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Last week I Tweeted:

"If you use #Joomla and have not looked at using #K2 by @joomlaworks you are missing out. http://getk2.org/".

This got the attention of Joomla Works and they retweeted it to their followers, so I figured I would elaborate on my likings of K2 for Joomla.

Testimonials are key to any business. Potential clients get to hear from other happy clients and their experience with your company without the "sales pitch".

Today our business sees a lot of business owners needing a redesign of their current website. Years have pasted since their first design was built and some things get lost. This is a short guide to inform you what you need when you are considering a Website Redesign.

Well Content Management Software is a fancy term for software that allows users without HTML knowledge to update their own website. OK there is more to it than that.

Let'’s face it business cards have to be one of the oldest, most profitable forms of advertising a business can do. Like any other advertising medium there is a right way and a wrong way to design your business card. Remember if this is the first impression people have about your business and you hand them a poorly designed card on white flimsy paper that you threw together on your computer, you better be a great sales person for them to overlook this.

Even in this day in age where there is a computer is just about every home in America, there are still business owners that do not understand the importance of a business website. Today you will learn the power your business website can have to aid in the growth of your business. I don't think these business owners are purposely not creating website, they just don't know all the ways their business website can help them. Read on to discover the secrets to leveraging the power of a business website.

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