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Have you seen those funny looking square bar codes on print material and wondered what that was? Those funny little squares are Quick Response Codes better known as QR Codes.

With mobile phones being so widely used by just about everyone, QR Codes help you with an instant call to action. QR Codes can be used to create links to your website, add a vCard to a person's phone when scanned, send a text message or simply to trigger their phone to call you.

You May Be Wondering How QR Codes Work?

Which ever method of connections we think is best for you is built into the QR Code. Then a QR Code Reader app (Google Goggles for Android phones and QR Reader for iPhone) literally takes a picture of the code with your phone's camera and then scans it.

Then the person can do what ever we build into the code.

How Else Do QR Codes Help Your Business?

Just in the same way you were wondering what those square bar codes were, so will everyone that sees it. After they hear what it is, they are going to be Wowed by your impressive use of technology.

We normally put QR Codes on the backs of business cards, mostly directing people to their website. So when you hand out a business card they can scan your QR Code on their phone and go directly to your website.

What Makes Our QR Codes Unique?

After we generate your code we can add a piece of your logo to it, so that it is branded to your company. This really depends on what we are putting this code on. You see from our example above that since the code is on the front of the card with the logo we felt there was no need to brand it.

Be the first in your industry to embrace the power of QR Codes and get a quote today.

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