Pro-Tect Film Website Redesign

Client: PRO-TECT Film

Services: Custom Content Management System, Custom Gallery, Custom Tint Simulator

Project Specifics:

This was a website redesign we did for the owner of PRO-TECT Film. His previous site over the years had turned into a mish mash of articles with no real organization. It was built in WordPress yet the client did not know how to make changes to his own site.

With the redesign we used a different CMS, Joomla, and now he can update his gallery, update his blog, and add videos with ease.

We also built a custom Tint Simulator for his website. This allows people to move a slider and see the windows darken in 10% increments. This gives them an idea of how dark the tint needs to be for their desired look.

See PRO-TECT Film in action.

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